Virtuous - Orange Blossom Mead

Our Virtuous line of meads are made with 100% orange blossom honey. To get orange blossom honey, beehives are placed near orange groves. The bees gather nectar from the orange blossom flowers, take it back to their hive, and turn it into honey. We blend this honey with pure water to make a must and then ferment in stainless tanks with wine yeast. Once fermentation is complete we transfer to oak barrels for aging. We chose the name Virtuous because orange blossom flowers symbolize virtue and purity. Orange blossom honey is floral and bright with light notes of citrus. This makes it a great choice for mead. In fact, the first mead we ever made we used orange blossom honey and enjoyed it so much that it planted the seed for starting this mead business. Now, here we are 10 years later. The first three variations of Virtuous are now available in stores and on our website.

Cheers, Mike and Becky